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Emason Finance is a private Independent Financial Management Consultancy firm specialising in multi-sectoral advisory; Commercial Finance & International Project Finance; Real Estate & Investment finance and Alternative Investment.

We are an internationally acclaimed finance house specialising in providing global financial solutions to businesses.  We have clients from different parts of the world.  However most of our businesses come from Asia; Africa; Middle East and Europe.

With head office in London United Kingdom, and representative offices in New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Frankfurt, the firm provides a broad range of advisory services for  private high-net worth and ultra-wealthy clients engaged in  strategic major lines of business, namely

  • Commercial Financial & International Project Finance
  • Real Estate Investment & Finance
  • Corporate Finance, Private Equity & Asset Management
  • Trade  Finance
  • Merchant Cash Advance

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I am writing this time instead of calling just to say thanks. You guys out did yourself with my business plan. Not only did I get the funding but I was able to secure 2 additional contracts from it. I have tried other services and nothing compared to this. I am forever in debt to Emason Finance. Thanks a million guys.
Larry Muriel, Boston, MA
Hello, my name is George Stanton, I obtained the letter of credit from your company last month and I want to say thank you. Not only did you not turn me away your staff continued to make sure everything was going ok with my deal. Unbelievable the type of service your company provides.
George Stanton, Tampa FL
My name is Beverly Ewing, please forgive me for taking this long to thank your company. I really felt the need to show my appreciation sooner, but because of the funding your company helped me obtain I have been very busy. (Smile). It’s hard to believe I was able to get financing based on my purchase orders but I did and it’s all because of Emason Finance, I am still in amazed. One word of advice, please keep helping the small businesses like me. God Bless.
Beverly Ewing, Kansas City, MO